WebKOM howto

Getting started with the webkom client

If you don't like mailing lists but prefer a webforum to communicate you may want to try the webkom gateway to the list. 

LysKOM predates the web and the webinterface is modeled after the original lyskom clients, therefore its interface may not be what you expect. What follows are step-by-step instructions to get you started: 

  • Go to https://webkom.lysator.liu.se/
  • Click Create new user...
  • Select a username and password and click Create new user
  • Go back to the login page and log in
  • On the main page, go to the Conference section and select Join conference
  • In the search field type pike and click Search
  • Now the tricky part: you will get a list with a lot of conferences. You want to join Pike (-) importmöte för mailinglistan which is the gateway to the pike mailinglist. Select that and click Join marked conference.
  • You should get a response: You are now a member of conference Pike (-) importmöte för mailinglistan .
  • Click the link Pike (-) importmöte för mailinglistan to go to the conference
  • You will see unread messages (In LysKOM they are called articles. We will use that term here too, to avoid confusion with the webinterface), starting with the oldest one from the archive. Unfortunately, there are no sorting options, and there is no shortcut to jump to the newest unread article. In order to catch up we will just mark old articles as read.
  • Click the link titled Set unread
  • The number in the field will specify how many articles you want to keep unread. All others will be marked read (or rather, have the unread mark removed).
  • Select a suitable number (pick 0 to hide all old articles) and click Submit
  • Now click the link Pike (-) importmöte för mailinglistan again to go back to the list. It should now be either empty or show a few very recent articles.


Welcome to LysKOM and the Pike users forum. Now you can browse old articles, reply to them, or write new ones.