19. Asynchronous Operation

19.1. Backends

Method call_out
Method _do_call_outs
Method find_call_out
Method remove_call_out
Method call_out_info

mixed call_out(function(:void) f, float|int delay, mixed ... args)
void _do_call_outs()
int find_call_out(function(:void) f)
int find_call_out(mixed id)
int remove_call_out(function(:void) f)
int remove_call_out(function(:void) id)
array(array) call_out_info()


These are aliases for the corresponding functions in Pike.DefaultBackend.

See also

Pike.Backend()->call_out(), Pike.Backend()->_do_call_outs(), Pike.Backend()->find_call_out(), Pike.Backend()->remove_call_out(), Pike.Backend()->call_out_info()

Constant Backend

constant Pike.Backend


The class of the DefaultBackend.

Typically something that has inherited __Backend.

See also

__Backend, DefaultBackend

19.2. Promises and Futures