Class SSL.sslfile


Interface similar to Stdio.File.

  • Handles blocking and nonblocking mode.

  • Handles callback mode in an arbitrary backend (also in blocking mode).

  • Read and write operations might each do both reading and writing. In callback mode that means that installing either a read or a write callback might install both internally. It also means that reading in one thread while writing in another doesn't work.

  • Callback changing operations like set_blocking and set_nonblocking aren't atomic.

  • Apart from the above, thread safety/atomicity characteristics are retained.

  • Blocking characterstics are retained for all functions.

  • is_open, connection init (create) and close (close) can do both reading and writing.

  • destroy attempts to close the stream properly by sending the close packet, but since it can't do blocking I/O it's not certain that it will succeed. The stream should therefore always be closed with an explicit close call.

  • Abrupt remote close without the proper handshake gets the errno System.EPIPE.

  • Objects do not contain cyclic references, so they are closed and destructed timely when dropped.

Variable next_protocol

string SSL.sslfile.next_protocol


The next protocol chosen by the client during next protocol negotiation.


Read only

Method create

SSL.sslfile SSL.sslfile(Stdio.File stream, SSL.context ctx, int|void is_client, int|void is_blocking, SSL.Constants.ProtocolVersion|void min_version, SSL.Constants.ProtocolVersion|void max_version)


Create an SSL connection over an open stream.

Parameter stream

Open socket or pipe to create the connection over.

Parameter ctx

The SSL context.

Parameter is_client

If is set then a client-side connection is started, server-side otherwise.

Parameter is_blocking

If is set then the stream is initially set in blocking mode, nonblocking mode otherwise.

Parameter min_version

The minimum minor version of SSL to support. Defaults to PROTOCOL_SSL_3_0.

Parameter max_version

The maximum minor version of SSL to support. Defaults to PROTOCOL_minor.

The backend used by stream is taken over and restored after the connection is closed (see close and shutdown). The callbacks and id in stream are overwritten.


Throws errors on handshake failure in blocking client mode.