This is the official Pike language web site. Pick up the latest stable Pike 7.8 source distribution (15 MB), or browse through the docs. If you are new to Pike, check out our about section and the tutorial. An archive of all prior releases is also available, including pre-built binaries contributed for several platforms.


what is pike?

Pike is a dynamic programming language with a syntax similar to Java and C. It is simple to learn, does not require long compilation passes and has powerful built-in data types allowing simple and really fast data manipulation.

Pike is released under the GNU GPL, GNU LGPL and MPL; this means that you can fetch it and use it for almost any purpose you please.


new source code



latest pike news

2013, October 5: Pike Conference 2013
This years pike-conference will be held at the Roxen offices November 1:st to 3:rd. Read more

2012, December 18: Pike Google+ Community
Find us on Google+ and share your own Pike news with the community at large.

2012, October 2: Pike Conference 2012
This years pike-conference will be held at the Opera offices November 3:rd to 4:th. Read more

2012, September 16: Pike 7.8.700 Released
Pike 7.8.700 is now released!
This is an update of the 7.8 stable series. Read the release notes and download the distribution.

2011, November 7: Pike Conference 2011
This years Pike conference was held at Roxen's offices in Linköping, Sweden November 3 to November 5. Participants joined from Europe and North America. Among the Topics discussed where a new maintainer for pike releases, a change in the release versioning, and the new garbage collector as part of the multi-cpu support that is being worked on.
This is a report of the conference by Martin Stjernholm. Read more

2010, October 3: Pike 7.9 development branch opened
After a long stabilization period, the 7.8 branch of Pike has been deemed stable, and a new branch 7.9 been opened.