Method Stdio.File()->open_socket()

Method open_socket

int open_socket(int|string|void port, string|void address, int|string|void family_hint)


This makes this file into a socket ready for connections. The reason for this function is so that you can set the socket to nonblocking or blocking (default is blocking) before you call connect().

Parameter port

If you give a port number to this function, the socket will be bound to this port locally before connecting anywhere. This is only useful for some silly protocols like FTP. The port can also be specified as a string, giving the name of the service associated with the port. Pass -1 to not specify a port (eg to bind only to an address).

Parameter address

You may specify an address to bind to if your machine has many IP numbers.

Parameter family_hint

A protocol family for the socket can be specified. If no family is specified, one which is appropriate for the address is automatically selected. Thus, there is normally no need to specify it. If you do not want to specify a bind address, you can provide the address as a hint here instead, to allow the automatic selection to work anyway.


This function returns 1 for success, 0 otherwise.

See also

connect(), set_nonblocking(), set_blocking()