Method Stdio.File()->set_callbacks()

Method set_callbacks

void set_callbacks(void|function(mixed, string:int) read_cb, void|function(mixed:int) write_cb, void|function(mixed:int) close_cb, void|function(mixed, string:int) read_oob_cb, void|function(mixed:int) write_oob_cb)


Installs all the specified callbacks at once. Use UNDEFINED to keep the current setting for a callback.

Like set_nonblocking, the callbacks are installed atomically. As opposed to set_nonblocking, this function does not do anything with the stream, and it doesn't even have to be open.

See also

set_read_callback, set_write_callback, set_read_oob_callback, set_write_oob_callback, set_close_callback, query_callbacks