Method Calendar.TimeRanges.TimeRange()->add()

Method add

TimeRange add(int n, void|TimeRange step)


calculates the (promoted) time period n steps away; if no step is given, the step's length is of the same length as the called time period.

It is not recommended to loop by adding the increment time period to a shorter period; this can cause faults, if the shorter time period doesn't exist in the incremented period. (Like week 53, day 31 of a month or the leap day of a year.)

Recommended use are like this:

   // loop over the 5th of the next 10 months
   TimeRange month=Month()+1;
   TimeRange orig_day=month()->day(5);
   for (int i=0; i<10; i++)
      TimeRange day=month->place(orig_day);
      <i>...use day...</i>