Method Charset.encoder()

Method encoder

Encoder encoder(string|zero name, string|void replacement, function(string:string)|void repcb)


Returns a charset encoder object.

Parameter name

The name of the character set to encode to. Supported charsets include (not all supported charsets are enumerable): "iso_8859-1:1987", "iso_8859-1:1998", "iso-8859-1", "iso-ir-100", "latin1", "l1", "ansi_x3.4-1968", "iso_646.irv:1991", "iso646-us", "iso-ir-6", "us", "us-ascii", "ascii", "cp367", "ibm367", "cp819", "ibm819", "iso-2022" (of various kinds), "utf-7", "utf-8" and various encodings as described by RFC 1345.

Parameter replacement

The string to use for characters that cannot be represented in the charset. It's used when repcb is not given or when it returns zero. If no replacement string is given then an error is thrown instead.

Parameter repcb

A function to call for every character that cannot be represented in the charset. If specified it's called with one argument - a string containing the character in question. If it returns a string then that one will replace the character in the output. If it returns something else then the replacement argument will be used to decide what to do.


If the asked-for name was not supported, an error is thrown.