Class Mysql.mysql

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Low level interface to the Mysql database.

This class enables access to the Mysql database from within Pike.

See also

Mysql.mysql()->Result, Sql.Sql

Inherit Connection

inherit __builtin.Sql.Connection : Connection

Method create

Mysql.mysql Mysql.mysql()
Mysql.mysql Mysql.mysql(string host)
Mysql.mysql Mysql.mysql(string host, string database)
Mysql.mysql Mysql.mysql(string host, string database, string user)
Mysql.mysql Mysql.mysql(string host, string database, string user, string password)
Mysql.mysql Mysql.mysql(string host, string database, string user, string password, mapping(string:string|int) options)


Connect to a Mysql database.

To access the Mysql database, you must first connect to it. This is done with this function.

Parameter host

If you give no argument, or give "" as host it will connect with a UNIX-domain socket, which can be a big performance gain.

Parameter options

This optional mapping can contain zero or more of the following parameters:

"init_command" : string

Command to execute on connect.

"timeout" : int

Timeout in seconds.

"compress" : bool

Enable compressed protocol.

"mysql_config_file" : string

Change config file from "my.cnf".

"mysql_group" : string

Specify additional group to read from config file.

"mysql_named_pipe" : bool

Use named pipe to connect to server.

"mysql_local_infile" : bool

Enable use of LOCAL INFILE (security).

"mysql_charset_dir" : string

Change charset directory.

"mysql_charset_name" : string

Set connection charset - see set_charset for details. The default is "latin1". As opposed to set_charset, this way of specifying the connection charset doesn't require MySQL 4.1.0.

"unicode_decode_mode" : int

Enable unicode decode mode for the connection if nonzero. In this mode non-binary string results are automatically converted to (possibly wide) unicode strings. An error is thrown if the server doesn't support this. See set_unicode_decode_mode.

"ssl_key" : string

Path to SSL-key for use in SSL-communication.

"ssl_cert" : string

Path to SSL-cert for use in SSL-communication.

"ssl_ca" : string

Path to SSL-CA for use in SSL-communication.

"ssl_capath" : string

Path to SSL-CAPATH for use in SSL-communication.

"ssl_cipher" : string


"connect_options" : int

Options used when connecting to the server. See mysql documentation for more information.


Some options may not be implemented. Unimplemented options are silently ignored.


To use SSL-connections, set the SSL-parameters correctly. They correspond to the parameters given to the mysql-client with the same name so make sure that the mysql-client works with SSL and set these parameters to the same values and everything should work. If SSL-options are loaded from a config-file, one may set the connect_options to include CLIENT_SSL.


If Pike has been built with an old MySQL client lib then it might not be possible to specify some charsets that the server supports with the "mysql_charset_name" option. In such cases it's possible that set_charset works better (provided the server is 4.1 or newer).