Class Parser.Tabular

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Parser.Tabular Parser.CSV

This is a parser for line and block oriented data. It provides a flexible yet concise record-description language to parse character/column/delimiter-organised records.

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Method create

Parser.Tabular Parser.Tabular(void|string|Stdio.File|Stdio.FILE input, void|array|mapping|string|Stdio.File|Stdio.FILE format, void|int verbose)


This function initialises the parser.

Parameter input

The input stream or string.

Parameter format

The format to be used (either precompiled or not). The format description language is documented under compile().

Parameter verbose

If >1, it specifies the number of characters to display of the beginning of each record as a progress indicator. Special values are:


Turns on format debugging with visible mismatches.


Turns on format debugging with named field contents.


Turns on format debugging with field contents.


Turns on basic format debugging.


Turns off verbosity. Default.


Is the same as setting it to 70.

See also

compile(), setformat(), fetch()