Module Parser.XML.SloppyDOM


A somewhat DOM-like library that implements lazy generation of the node tree, i.e. it's generated from the data upon lookup. There's also a little bit of XPath evaluation to do queries on the node tree.

Implementation note: This is generally more pragmatic than Parser.XML.DOM, meaning it's not so pretty and compliant, but more efficient.

Implementation status: There's only enough implemented to parse a node tree from source and access it, i.e. modification functions aren't implemented. Data hiding stuff like NodeList and NamedNodeMap is not implemented, partly since it's cumbersome to meet the "live" requirement. Also, Parser.HTML is used in XML mode to parse the input. Thus it's too error tolerant to be XML compliant, and it currently doesn't handle DTD elements, like "<!DOCTYPE", or the XML declaration (i.e. "<?xml version='1.0'?>".