Class Protocols.DNS.server

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Base class for implementing a Domain Name Service (DNS) server operating over UDP.

This class is typically used by inheriting it, and overloading reply_query() and handle_response().

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Inherit server_base

inherit server_base : server_base

Method create

Protocols.DNS.server Protocols.DNS.server()
Protocols.DNS.server Protocols.DNS.server(int port)
Protocols.DNS.server Protocols.DNS.server(string ip)
Protocols.DNS.server Protocols.DNS.server(string ip, int port)
Protocols.DNS.server Protocols.DNS.server(string ip, int port, string|int ... more)


Open one or more new DNS server ports.

Parameter ip

The IP to bind to. Defaults to "::" or 0 (ie ANY) depending on whether IPv6 support is present or not.

Parameter port

The port number to bind to. Defaults to 53.

Parameter more

Optional further DNS server ports to open. Must be a set of ip, port argument pairs.