Method backtrace()

Method backtrace

array(Pike.BacktraceFrame) backtrace()


FIXME: This documentation is not up to date!

Get a description of the current call stack.

The description is returned as an array with one entry for each call frame on the stack.

Each entry has this format:

string file

A string with the filename if known, else zero.

int line

An integer containing the linenumber if known, else zero.

function(:void) fun

The function that was called at this level.

mixed|void ... args

The arguments that the function was called with.

The current call frame will be last in the array.


Please note that the frame order may be reversed in a later version (than 7.1) of Pike to accommodate for deferred backtraces.

Note that the arguments reported in the backtrace are the current values of the variables, and not the ones that were at call-time. This can be used to hide sensitive information from backtraces (eg passwords).

See also

catch(), throw()