Method localtime()

Method localtime

mapping(string:int) localtime(int timestamp)


Convert seconds since 00:00:00 UTC, 1 Jan 1970 into components.


This function returns a mapping with the following components:

"sec" : int(0..60)

Seconds over the minute.

"min" : int(0..59)

Minutes over the hour.

"hour" : int(0..23)

Hour of the day.

"mday" : int(1..31)

Day of the month.

"mon" : int(0..11)

Month of the year.

"year" : int(0..)

Year since 1900.

"wday" : int(0..6)

Day of week (0 = Sunday).

"yday" : int(0..365)

Day of the year.

"isdst" : bool

Is daylight savings time.

"timezone" : int

Offset from UTC, including daylight savings time adjustment.

An error is thrown if the localtime(2) call failed on the system. It's platform dependent what time ranges that function can handle, e.g. Windows doesn't handle a negative timestamp.


Prior to Pike 7.5 the field "timezone" was sometimes not present, and was sometimes not adjusted for daylight savings time.

See also

Calendar, gmtime(), time(), ctime(), mktime()