Method localtime()

Method localtime

mapping(string:int) localtime(int timestamp)


Convert seconds since 00:00:00 UTC, 1 Jan 1970 into components.


This function returns a mapping with the following components:

"sec" : int(0..60)

Seconds over the minute.

"min" : int(0..59)

Minutes over the hour.

"hour" : int(0..23)

Hour of the day.

"mday" : int(1..31)

Day of the month.

"mon" : int(0..11)

Month of the year.

"year" : int(0..)

Year since 1900.

"wday" : int(0..6)

Day of week (0 = Sunday).

"yday" : int(0..365)

Day of the year.

"isdst" : bool

Is daylight-saving time active.

"timezone" : int

Offset from UTC, including daylight-saving time adjustment.

An error is thrown if the localtime(2) call failed on the system. It's platform dependent what time ranges that function can handle, e.g. Windows doesn't handle a negative timestamp.


Prior to Pike 7.5 the field "timezone" was sometimes not present, and was sometimes not adjusted for daylight-saving time.


Timestamps prior to 1970-01-01T00:00:00 (ie negative timestamps) were not supported on NT and AIX prior to Pike 9.0. Note also that dst-handling may be incorrect for such timestamps.

See also

Calendar, gmtime(), time(), ctime(), mktime(), strptime()