Method reverse()

Method reverse

string reverse(string s, int|void start, int|void end)
array reverse(array a, int|void start, int|void end)
int reverse(int i, int|void start, int|void end)


Reverses a string, array or int.

Parameter s

String to reverse.

Parameter a

Array to reverse.

Parameter i

Integer to reverse.

Parameter start

Optional start index of the range to reverse. Default: 0 (zero).

Parameter end

Optional end index of the range to reverse. Default for strings: sizeof(s)-1. Default for arrays: sizeof(a)-1. Default for integers: Pike.get_runtime_info()->int_size - 1.

This function reverses a string, char by char, an array, value by value or an int, bit by bit and returns the result. It's not destructive on the input value.

Reversing strings can be particularly useful for parsing difficult syntaxes which require scanning backwards.

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