Method GSSAPI.Context()->get_mic()

Method get_mic

string get_mic(string message, void|int qop)


Calculates and returns a MIC (message integrity checksum) for the given message that allows the receiver to verify its origin and integrity through verify_mic or some other GSS_VerifyMIC wrapper.

This wraps GSS_GetMIC according to RFC 2743 section 2.3.1.

This function requires that the context is established, or that the early per-message protection service is available (c.f. GSSAPI.PROT_READY_FLAG. If not, a GSSAPI.MissingServicesError is thrown (but the context is not closed).

Parameter message

The message for which the MIC is to be calculated. It may be of zero length.

Parameter qop

The quality of protection. This is a mechanism-specific value that lets the user direct how the underlying mechanism calculates the MIC. See RFC 2743 section 1.2.4.

Zero or left out means use the default method.