Method GSSAPI.Context()->wrap()

Method wrap

string wrap(string message, void|int encrypt, void|int qop)


Calculates a MIC (message integrity checksum) for the given message, and returns it together with the message, which is optionally encrypted. The returned value can be verified and (if applicable) decrypted by the receiver using unwrap or some other GSS_Unwrap wrapper.

This wraps GSS_Wrap according to RFC 2743 section 2.3.3.

This function requires that the context is established, or that the early per-message protection service is available (c.f. GSSAPI.PROT_READY_FLAG. If not, a GSSAPI.MissingServicesError is thrown (but the context is not closed).

Parameter message

The message to be wrapped. It may be of zero length.

Parameter encrypt

Set to nonzero to request that the message is encrypted. Otherwise only a MIC is calculated and the returned value contains the unencrypted message.

If this is set and the confidentiality service (c.f. GSSAPI.CONF_FLAG) is required then the returned value is always encrypted. Otherwise it might not be encrypted anyway, and a call to last_confidential will tell if it is or not.

Parameter qop

The quality of protection. This is a mechanism-specific value that lets the user direct how the underlying mechanism calculates the MIC. See RFC 2743 section 1.2.4.

Zero or left out means use the default method.


This function sets the value returned by last_confidential.

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