Class Gz.File

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Gz._file Gz.File

Inherit _file

inherit ._file : _file


Allows the user to open a Gzip archive and read and write it's contents in an uncompressed form, emulating the Stdio.File interface.


An important limitation on this class is that it may only be used for reading or writing, not both at the same time. Please also note that if you want to reopen a file for reading after a write, you must close the file before calling open or strange effects might be the result.

Method create

Gz.File Gz.File(void|string|int|Stdio.Stream file, void|string mode)

Parameter file

Filename or filedescriptor of the gzip file to open, or an already open Stream.

Parameter mode

mode for the file. Defaults to "rb".

See also

open Stdio.File