Class Msql.msql

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Inherit Connection

inherit __builtin.Sql.Connection : Connection

Method create

Msql.msql Msql.msql(void|string dbserver, void|string dbname, void|string username, void|string passwd)


With one argument, this function tries to connect to the specified (use hostname or IP address) database server. To connect to a server running on the local host via UNIX domain sockets use "localhost". To connect to the local host via TCP/IP sockets you have to use the IP address "". With two arguments it also selects a database to use on the server. With no arguments it tries to connect to the server on localhost, using UNIX sockets.


You need to have a database selected before using the sql-object, otherwise you'll get exceptions when you try to query it. Also notice that this function can raise exceptions if the db server doesn't respond, if the database doesn't exist or is not accessible by you.


You don't need bothering about syncronizing the connection to the database: it is automatically closed (and the database is sync-ed) when the msql object is destroyed.

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