Method Parser.RCS()->parse_deltatext_sections()

Method parse_deltatext_sections

void parse_deltatext_sections(array raw, void|function(string:void) progress_callback, array|void callback_args)


Lower-level API function for parsing only the deltatext sections (the final and typically largest chunk of an RCS file, see manpage rcsfile(5)) of an RCS file. After a parse_deltatext_sections run, the RCS object will be fully populated.

Parameter raw

The tokenized RCS file, with admin and delta sections removed. (See parse_admin_section, tokenize and parse_delta_sections.)

Parameter progress_callback

This optional callback is invoked with the revision of the deltatext about to be parsed (useful for progress indicators).

Parameter args

Optional extra trailing arguments to be sent to progress_callback

See also

parse_admin_section, parse_delta_sections, parse, create


Does not handle rcsfile(5) newphrase skipping.