Roxen Donates Build Machines true

On July 1, 2002, Roxen Internet Software signed over fourteen build machines to IDA for ongoing Pike development. These machines were formerly used in their AutoBuild setup. Once deployed on the new location, they will once again fill the same function as they did at Roxen; making sure that Pike builds on as many architectures as possible, and that recent changes don't wreak havoc. In the future we hope to be able to grant access to the machines to everyone that wants to solve Pike related development problems on platforms he or she has no other access to.

Of the machines donated, not all are in top condition; Beldandy and Speaker will probably serve as spare parts, but the rest will probably report for active build duty again in the hopefully not too distant future. These are their specs (and former names, for those few of you familiar with them from AutoBuild):

  • 2 IBM RS/6000 (Hactar and Speaker)
  • 1 Digital Alpha (Urd)
  • 1 HP 9000 (Flisa)
  • 1 HP 9000/778 (Hopper)
  • 3 Sun SS5 (Grimnir, Cuccoo and Beldandy)
  • 1 SGI O2/R5k (Fia)
  • 1 Compaq Proliant 2xPentium Pro 200 (Shiva)
  • 1 Dell Dimension Pentium Pro 200 (Yuki)
  • 1 Dell Pentium II 233 (Ormgrop)
  • 2 Dell Pentium 200 (Snok and Kopparorm)

If you want to know more about the Xenofarm project, be sure to check it out in the Pike projects section of the site.