Pike mailing list

A mailing list focused on general pike development, both in and with pike. Sign up by mailing The actual list is at Archives are available at

If you strongly prefer a webinterface to communicate then you may use WebKOM. Follow the instructions in the WebKOM howto

Pike development conference

At present, the main Pike development team internal coordination and discussion takes on a mailing list at Lysator Academic Computer Society. Archives are also at

Pike chat channel

If you just want to chat idly with other people interrested in Pike, why not give the #pike IRC channel on freenode a try? (When you ask for help, please be patient and wait for a reply. Do not just leave if noone answered for 5 minutes. Most people are very busy and aren't always able to respond right away. On the other hand they are usually happy to answer even hours later and don't mind if their response is not immediately acknowledged)