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At TU Dresden, Pike is used in basic software engineering education as a "missing link" between UML and Java. The goal of the basic course in the 3rd term is to teach a simple object-oriented software life cycle, starting from requirements analysis over design models to implementation and testing. More specifically, students shall learn how to make analysis and design models in UML and implement them in Java. Obviously, however, between UML and Java, there is quite a semantic gap:

UML concepts such as multiple inheritance, associations, or iterations cannot easily be expressed in Java. In 2004, we will employ Pike as an intermediate step, i.e., teach how to code these concepts first with Pike, and then, in a second refinement step, in Java. It is hoped that students see the benefit of a rapid prototyping language and learn that not all parts of a product need to be written in the same language.

The Keynote will be given by Prof. Uwe Assmann
Chair for Software Engineering
Fakultät Informatik, Institut für Software- und Multimediatechnik
Technical University of Dresden
Research Center for Integrational Software Engineering (RISE)
Linköpings universitet, Linköping, Sweden

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