NWG/RFC# 276
NIC Course at SRI on Nov. 29, 30
8-NOV-71 09:23 7936
Richard W. Watson

NIC Course

The Network Information Center is planning to run a course on the use of its Online System (NLS), including use of the Journal, at SRI. The dates are to be Nov. 29, 30.

We particularly would like this course to be for Station Agents or Secretaries who could help others at a site use the NIC and could transcribe documents or messages into NLS. Anyone is welcome, however. The only restriction is a limit of 12 people.

Those desiring to attend should contact Dirk Van Nouhuys or Dick Watson at (415) 326-6200 ext. 3370 or 2013.

We will be glad to make motel reservations for anyone attending. We usually use the Mermaid Motel in Menlo Park.

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