NWG/RFC #289
What We Hope Is An Official List of Host Names
21-DEC-71 16:29 8295
Richard W. Watson

The enclosed is what we hope will be accepted as a list of official formal host names and nicknames. As no other subject worked on by the NWG has generated so much comment, it is worthwhile to review briefly how this list came into being.

The need for some standard set of names recognized by NCP's and Telnets and usable on hardcopy to designate a persons affiliation had been recognized for some time and several sets of names were in use.

Peggy Karp issued the first formal proposal of a set of standard names in RFC 226, NIC 7625. This proposal was answered by a number of counter proposals and culminated in RFC 247, NIC 7688. People still were not happy with this proposal as names normally associated with hosts or projects were not used.

At the last NWG meeting a number of people discussed the name problem and agreed that the only reasonable compromise solution was to have both formal names and nicknames and to let the people at the hosts choose their own names within the guideline which the previous dialog had seemed to agree on.

The guidelines were summarized in RFC 273, NIC 7837 and the NIC agreed to collect and publish the names that the people at each host indicated they desired. A number of names were received and a tentative list was published as RFC 280, NIC 8060. More people responded with their desired names or changed the ones in the above list.

Almost all sites have since responded and the following list resulted.

I think people should feel free to change their host name when ever the situation warrants.

    Formal Name                    Nickname        Network Address
    AMES-67                                         16
    AMES-ILLIAC                    I4
    AMES-TIP                                       144
    BBN-NCC                        NCC               5
    BBN-TENEX                      BBN              69
    BBN-TENEXB                     BBNB            133
    BBN-TESTIP                                     158
    BURR                                            15
    BURR-TEST                                       79
    CASE-10                                         13
    CMU-10                                          14
    ETAC-TIP                                       148
    GWC-TIP                                        152
    HARV-1                         PDP1             73
    HARV-10                        ACL               9
    HARV-11                                        137
    ILL-ANTS                       ANTS             12
    ILL-CAC                        CAC              76
    LL-67                                           10
    LL-TSP                                         138
    LL-TX-2                        TX-2             74
    MCCL-418                                        22
    MIT-AI                                         134
    MIT-DMCG                       DMCG             70
    MIT-MULTICS                    MIT-M             6
    MITRE-TIP                                      145
    NBS-CCST                       NBS              19
    NBS-TIP                                        147
    NCAR-7600                                       25
    NCAR-TIP                                       153
    RADC-645                                        18
    RADC-TIP                                       146
    RAND-CSG                                        71
    RAND-RCC                                         7
    SDC-ADEPT                      SDC               8
    SRI-AI                                          66
    SRI-ARC                                          2
    SU-AI                                           11
    TINK-418                                        21
    UCLA-CCN                       CCN              65
    UCLA-NMC                       SEX               1
    UCLA-MOD75                     UCSB              3
    USC-44                                          23
    USC-TIP                                        151
    UTAH-10                                          4
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