NWG/RFC# 350
User Accounts for UCSB On-line System
NIC 10549
R.M. Stoughton

For the past year UCSB has provided free use of the UCSB On-line System to Network sites. Recharges for this service are being paid for by the Computer Research Lab with funds out of our current ARPA contract. Connect time for the month of April totaled 152 hours.

Presently, all users are running on the same account: User Number=196, ID Code=57372, User Name=ARPA. As such, it is difficult to monitor the amount of use by each site. Consequently, we are changing the login procedure for Network users, effective 1 June 72.

Commencing June 1, the new login parameters will be:

User Number=196
User Name=<site destination>
Job Name=<your name> (NIC ID will suffice).

The appropriate site designation is listed at the end of this RFC for each affilliation presently connected to the ARPA network. Any site omitted from this list which plans on running at UCSB should contact me at (805) 961-3793.

Network users of the UCSB On-line System are reminded that these free accounts are provided for Network experimentation. We also encourage use of this service on a casual basis inorder that users unfamiliar with the Culler-Fried System may acquaint themselves with some of the facilities available. However, sites intending to use the system on a production basis are requested to open a private account to which computer charges can be billed.

We will also continue to provide free remote batch support on a limited basis. Again, this service is provided as a convenience to Network sites who are attempting to implement and debug Network software. Sites submitting production jobs will be expected to
open a Computer Center account and pay for computer charges billed to that account.

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              Affilliation     Network    Site Designation
                               Address    (User Name)
              AMES-67          16         AMES
              AMES-ILLIAC      ?          AMES
              AMES-TIP         144        AMES
              BBN-NCC          5          BBN
              BBN-TENEX        69         BBN
              BBN-TENEXB       133        BBN
              BBN-TESTIP       158        BBN
              BURR             15         BURR
              BURR-TEST        79         BURR
              CASE-10          13         CASE
              CMU-10           14         CMU
              ETAC-TIP         148        ETAC
              GWC-TIP          152        GWC
              HARV-1           73         HARV
              HARV-10          9          HARV
              HARV-11          137        HARV
              ILL-ANTS         12         ILL
              ILL-CAC          76         ILL
              LL-67            10         LL
              LL-TSP           138        LL
              LL-TX-2          74         LL
              MCCL-418         22         MCCL
              MIT-AI           134        MIT
              MIT-DMCG         70         MIT
              MIT-MULTICS      6          MIT
              MITRE-TIP        145        MITRE
              NBS-CCST         19         NBS
              NBS-TIP          147        NBS
              NCAR-7600        25         NCAR
              NCAR-TIP         153        NCAR
              RADC-645         18         RADC
              RADC-TIP         146        RADC
              RAND-CSG         71         RAND
              RAND-RCC         7          RAND
              SDC-ADEPT        8          SDC
              SRI-AI           66         SRI
              SRI-ARC          2          SRI
              SU-AI            11         SU
              TINK-418         21         TINK
              UCLA-CNN         65         UCLA
              UCLA-NMC         1          UCLA
              UCSB-75          3          UCSB
              USC-44           23         USC
              USC-TIP          151        USC
              UTAH-1O          4          UTAH
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