Pike 7.8.352 Release Notes

Changes since Pike 7.8.316 (second 7.8 release):


  • ADT.Heap

    The compat functions top() and size() are now marked as deprecated.

Extensions and New Functions

  • Image.Image

    Added support for sending Color objects to the color() function.

  • Sql.Sql

    Added support for fetching result sets as JSON-encoded strings.

  • Calendar

    Updated timezone data to 2009j.

  • Parser.XML.Tree

    Output from render_xml() is now on canonical form.

  • Added "pike -x httpserver" that implements a minimal HTTP-server

    exporting the current directory.


  • Lowered startup time by extending encode_value() and MasterCodec so

    that master.pike can be precompiled.

  • Lowered startup time by reducing the number of MEMSET() calls done

    on startup.

  • Allow threads while calling SDL_GL_SwapBuffers.

  • Added optimization of has_value() and search() for single-character strings.

  • Added optimization when combining two arrays where the second array

    contains a single item.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed casting of floats to strings to again work more like in Pike

    7.6 and earlier: The string will always contain either a "." or an "e" to signify that it is a float, and it will no longer display so many digits that the binary/decimal conversion errors become visible.

  • Protocols.HTTP.Server.HeaderParser will now discard parts of a

    header value if the header value contains a newline (like "Host: google.com\n.hax.net\r\n") and headers without colon.

  • file_open_socket() now attempts to set SO_REUSEPORT on the socket.

    Potentially fixes issues on FreeBSD 7.x where ports aren't reused.

  • Calendar.TimeRanges now knows that `+() and `-() can get any number

    of arguments.

  • The experimental extended ZFS support is disabled since it pulled in

    unwanted dependencies.

  • Fixed propagation of changed module directories for joinnodes by

    zapping the joinnode cache.

  • Fixed memory leak in Image.WBF.

  • Fixed potential NULL-deref in Image.XWD.

  • Fixed potential NULL-deref in Image.PNG.

Building and installing

  • Nettle 2.0 is now supported.