This directory contains the latest Pike releases and related software.
Pike was originally written by Fredrik Hübinette and is copyrighted by
IDA, the institute of computer and information science at Linköping
University, 1994-2004.

You will need tar, gzip, make, autoconf, bison, the GMP library and an
ANSI C compiler to uncompress and compile Pike.

Pike is free software, and is released under the GNU lesser general
public licence (LGPL), GNU general public license (GPL) and Mozilla
public license (MPL). As such, you can modify, extend, use and
distribute the source code in mostly any way you like. However, the
copyright and trademarks are held by IDA.

The link 'latest-stable' always points to the latest stable release.
We do our best to ensure that there are no major bugs in that release.