Class Calendar.TimeRanges.TimeRange

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This is the base class (usually implemented by e.g. Calendar subclasses like Calendar.Second) for any time measurement and calendrar information. It defines all the things you can do with a time range or any time period.

A TimeRange doubles as both a fixed period in time, and an amount of time. For instance, a week plus a day moves the week-period one day ahead (unaligning it with the week period, and thereby reducing it to just 7 days), no matter when in time the actual day were.

Method create

Calendar.TimeRanges.TimeRange Calendar.TimeRanges.TimeRange(TimeRange from)


Create the timerange from another timerange.

This is useful when converting objects from one calendar to another. Note that the ruleset will be transferred to the new object, so this method can't be used to convert between timezones or languges - use set_timezone, set_language or set_ruleset to achieve this.


The size of the new object may be inexact; a Month object can't comprehend seconds, for instance.