Method GSSAPI.Context()->process_token()

Method process_token

void process_token(string remote_token)


Passes the given remote_token to the mechanism.

This wraps GSS_Process_context_token according to RFC 2743 section 2.2.4.

This is used for tokens that are received outside the handshaking between GSS_Init_sec_context (GSSAPI.InitContext.init) and GSS_Accept_sec_context (GSSAPI.AcceptContext.accept).

An example is when GSSAPI.InitContext.init returns a final token and flags the context as established, but the acceptor context detects an error and sends a failure token back. That token is processed using this function since GSSAPI.InitContext.init doesn't handle any more tokens by then.


This function might change context state.


This function might block on network connections to remote authentication servers. However, if the remote token is the result of GSS_Delete_sec_context on the remote side then it will not block.