Method GSSAPI.InitContext()->init()

Method init

string init(void|string remote_token)


Initiates a security context to send to a remote peer.

This wraps GSS_Init_sec_context according to RFC 2743 section 2.2.1.

The underlying mechanism might require several tokens to be passed back and forth to establish the context. If is_established returns zero after a call to this function then the caller must wait for a token from the remote peer to feed as remote_token in another call to this function.

Parameter remote_token

A token from the remote peer, as returned by a call to GSSAPI.AcceptContext.accept (or some other GSS_Accept_sec_context wrapper) in it. This is zero or left out on the initial call, but used later if the remote peer sends back tokens to process as part of the context establishment.


If a string is returned then it must be passed to the remote peer which will feed it to GSSAPI.AcceptContext.accept or some other GSS_Accept_sec_context wrapper. An empty string is never returned.

Zero is returned if there is no token to send to the remote peer. Note that is_established might still return zero in that case, meaning more remote tokens are necessary.


This function might block on network connections to remote authentication servers.