Class GSSAPI.Error

Inheritance graph
Error.Generic GSSAPI.Error

Error object used for GSS-API errors.

Inherit Generic

inherit Error.Generic : Generic

Variable major_status

int GSSAPI.Error.major_status


The major status code. This is a bitwise OR of one routine error code and zero or more supplementary error info bits.

See RFC 2743 section and RFC 2744 section 3.9.1. Note that the calling errors mentioned in RFC 2744 are never thrown.

See also


Variable minor_status

int GSSAPI.Error.minor_status


The minor status code specific for the mechanism.

See also

minor_status_messages, minor_status_mech

Method create

GSSAPI.Error GSSAPI.Error(void|int major, void|int minor, void|string mech, void|string message, void|array backtrace)

Parameter major

Initial value for major_status.

Parameter minor

Initial value for minor_status.

Parameter mech

Object identifier on dotted-decimal form for the mechanism that minor applies to.

Parameter message

Error message. This is prepended to the message generated from major_status and/or minor_status. ": " is inserted in between.

Parameter backtrace

Backtrace. The current backtrace for the calling function is used if left out.