Class Protocols.HTTP.Session

Inheritance graph
Protocols.HTTP.Session Protocols.HTTP.Promise.Session

Typedef URL

typedef string|Standards.URI|SessionURL Protocols.HTTP.Session.URL


A URL which is either a string a Standards.URI or a SessionURL.

Variable default_headers

mapping Protocols.HTTP.Session.default_headers


Default HTTP headers.

Variable follow_redirects

int Protocols.HTTP.Session.follow_redirects


The number of redirects to follow, if any. This is the default to the created Request objects.

A redirect automatically turns into a GET request, and all header, query, post or put information is dropped.

Default is 20 redirects. A negative number will mean infinity.


Loops will currently not be detected, only the limit works to stop loops.

See also


Variable hostname_cache

mapping Protocols.HTTP.Session.hostname_cache


Cache of hostname to IP lookups. Given to and used by the Query objects.

Variable maximum_connection_reuse

int Protocols.HTTP.Session.maximum_connection_reuse


Maximum times a connection is reused. Defaults to 1000000. <2 means no reuse at all.

Variable maximum_connections_per_server

int Protocols.HTTP.Session.maximum_connections_per_server


Maximum number of connections to the same server. Used only by async requests. Defaults to 10 connections.

Variable maximum_total_connections

int Protocols.HTTP.Session.maximum_total_connections


Maximum total number of connections. Limits only async requests, and the number of kept-alive connections (live connections + kept-alive connections <= this number) Defaults to 50 connections.

Variable time_to_keep_unused_connections

int|float Protocols.HTTP.Session.time_to_keep_unused_connections


The time to keep unused connections in seconds. Set to zero to never save any kept-alive connections. (Might be good in a for instance totaly synchroneous script that keeps the backend thread busy and never will get call_outs.) Defaults to 10 seconds.