Method Stdio.FILE()->set_charset()

Method set_charset

void set_charset(string|void charset)


Sets the input and output charset of this file to the specified charset. If charset is 0 or not specified the environment is used to try to detect a suitable charset.

The default charset if this function is not called is "ISO-8859-1".


Consider using one of ISO-IR-196 ("\e%G" - switch to UTF-8 with return) or ISO-IR-190 ("\e%/G" - switch to UTF-8 level 1 no return) or ISO-IR-191 ("\e%/H" - switch to UTF-8 level 2 no return) or ISO-IR-192 ("\e%/I" - switch to UTF-8 level 3 no return) or ISO-IR-193 ("\e%/J" - switch to UTF-16 level 1 no return) or ISO-IR-194 ("\e%/K" - switch to UTF-16 level 2 no return) or ISO-IR-195 ("\e%/L" - switch to UTF-16 level 3 no return) or ISO-IR-162 ("\e%/@" - switch to UCS-2 level 1) or ISO-IR-163 ("\e%/A" - switch to UCS-4 level 1) or ISO-IR-174 ("\e%/C" - switch to UCS-2 level 2) or ISO-IR-175 ("\e%/D" - switch to UCS-4 level 2) or ISO-IR-176 ("\e%/E" - switch to UCS-2 level 3) or ISO-IR-177 ("\e%/F" - switch to UCS-4 level 3) or ISO-IR-178 ("\e%B" - switch to UTF-1) automatically to encode wide strings.