Accessing git in read-write mode

1. Make sure you have a version of Pike installed (7.8 or later). A suitable starting point is to download a source distribution, which already has the autogenerated parts in place, see the download page.

2. Make sure you have a recent copy of git installed. It must be version 1.7.2 or later. You can read about getting and installing git at

3. Run the following command to fetch the Pike source:

git clone

4. Check out the pike-specific githelper project and install it's git client side hooks:

git clone git://
cd pike

This creates a symlink to githelper.pike that needs to be updated if the githelper directory is ever moved.

Note! It is very important that the hooks are installed to work around a few outstanding problems in git and to do sanity checks. Not installing them is likely to annoy you and your fellow developers.

5. To update your local repository with the latest changes, change directory to the base "pike" directory and run git pull:

git pull

6. The default working version (HEAD) in a clone is always the latest development branch. To switch to another branch use git checkout <version>:

git checkout -b 8.0 origin/8.0