Network Working Group
Request for Comments: 571
NIC #18974
Robert T. Braden
November 15, 1973


Tenex users of FTP should beware of a problem in the current Tenex implementation which is likely to cause incorrect results when transferring files to a non-Tenex site. Some Tenex programs create an ASCII US (Unit Separator) character as an end-of-line indicator, instead of CR LF. The current Tenex FTP user implementation passes these US characters over the Network instead of translating them to CR LF as required by FTP protocol. If the recipient is not a Tenex, he will not do anything special with these US characters and the line spacing will be lost. In the case of sending to CCN, we will treat it as a very long logical record and fold it into successive 360 records.

A circumvention is to pass the Tenex file through some Tenex program that does the necessary conversion before sending it over the Network. We know that TECO will remove US's; there are probably other means. Loading and saving the file with TECO will replace all US's with CR LF sequences.

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