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P. Higgs
P. Szucs
Open IPTV Forum e.V.
March 2013

A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for

the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF)


This document describes a Uniform Resource Name (URN) namespace for the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) for naming persistent resources defined within OIPF specifications. Example resources include technical documents and specifications, eXtensible Markup Language (XML) schemas, classification schemes, XML Document Type Definitions (DTDs), namespaces, style sheets, media assets, and other types of resources produced or managed by the OIPF.

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Table of Contents

   1. Introduction ....................................................2
   2. URN Specification for the OIPF Namespace Identifier (NID) .......3
   3. Examples ........................................................5
   4. Namespace Considerations ........................................6
   5. Community Considerations ........................................6
   6. Security Considerations .........................................7
   7. IANA Considerations .............................................7
   8. Normative References ............................................7

1. Introduction

The Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) is a pan-industry initiative with the purpose of producing end-to-end specifications for IPTV that will take the next generation of IPTV into the mass market. The Forum, which is fully open to participation from the communications, entertainment, and other relevant industries, will focus on the development of specifications that will help streamline and accelerate deployments of IPTV technologies and will maximize the benefits of IPTV for consumers, network operators, content providers, service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and home and network infrastructure providers.

The main objective of the Open IPTV Forum is to produce end-to-end specifications for IPTV including:

  • Architecture and interfaces
  • Network and terminal functionality
  • Interactive and personalized services
  • Technology choices for all major functionalities
  • A common UNI (User-Network Interface) for the Open Internet and Managed Networks
  • Certification of equipment, including end user devices and service provider offerings

The end-to-end specifications support:

  • A variety of IPTV and Internet multimedia services
  • Managed networks and the Open Internet
  • Integration with communication services
  • Convergence of IPTV and multimedia services across different access technologies
  • Easy integration of third-party content offerings
  • Authentication and content protection
  • Various devices in the home network

The OIPF is basing its end-to-end IPTV specifications on relevant standards produced by other bodies and is collaborating with them to encourage convergence where appropriate and address any shortcomings or gaps.

In the creation of the end-to-end IPTV specification, some new resources need to be defined.

The OIPF would like to assign unique, permanent, location-independent names based on URNs for some resources it produces or manages. These URNs will be constructed according to the URN syntax defined in [RFC2141].

This namespace specification is for a formal namespace to be registered according to the procedures set forth in [RFC3406].

2. URN Specification for the OIPF Namespace Identifier (NID)

This section provides the information required to register a formal namespace according to the registration procedure defined in [RFC3406]. The URNs conform to the syntax defined in [RFC2141].

Namespace ID:


Registration Information:




Declared registrant of the namespace:

      Name:          Dr. Nilo Mitra
      Title:         President
      Affiliation:   Open IPTV Forum
      Address:       Open IPTV Forum e.V. Secretariat
                     650 Route des Lucioles
                     06921 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, France
      Phone:         +33 492 94 43 83

Declaration of structure:

URNs assigned by the OIPF will have the following structure based on the organizational structure of the resources specified in the OIPF IPTV Solution specifications:


where the syntax of "<NSS>" is specified in Section 2.2 of the URN Syntax requirements ([RFC2141]).

The individual URNs will be assigned by the OIPF through the process of development of OIPF specifications.

Relevant ancillary documentation:


Identifier uniqueness considerations:

The OIPF will establish unique identifiers as appropriate and will ensure that an assigned string is never reassigned.

Identifier persistence considerations:

The OIPF is committed to maintaining the accessibility and persistence of all resources that are officially assigned URNs by the organization. The registration tables and information will be published and maintained by the OIPF on its website.

Process of identifier assignment:

The assignment of identifiers is fully controlled and managed by the OIPF.

Process of identifier resolution:

Not applicable; the "oipf" namespace is not listed with a Resolution Discovery System.

Rules for Lexical Equivalence:

The "<NSS>" is case-insensitive.

Conformance with URN Syntax:

No special considerations.

Validation mechanism:

None specified. URN assignment will be managed completely and published by the OIPF.



3. Examples

The following examples of schemas and classification schemes are taken from the current OIPF Release 1 IPTV Solution specification:


4. Namespace Considerations

A unique formal namespace is required by the OIPF in order to specify how the various existing standards can be linked in order to create a true end-to-end ecosystem for standards-based IPTV deployments and to provide the necessary system-wide resources.

URN assignment procedures:

The individual URNs shall be assigned through the process of development of OIPF specifications by the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) e.V. The latest information about OIPF-defined specifications can always be found at the owner's website at


URN resolution/delegation:

The resolution and delegation shall be determined through the process of development of specifications by the Open IPTV Forum.

Since the implementations envisaged cover a wide range of devices with quite different access methods and capabilities, no single resolution or delegation mechanism can be referenced in this document.

Types of resources to be identified:

Types of resources to be identified include XML schema definition files, classification schemes, and identification systems defined and published by the OIPF. These resources being identified constitute a metadata system to describe digital multimedia broadcast services or content conveyed as part of such services.

The latest OIPF-defined specifications can always be found at


5. Community Considerations

URNs defined by the OIPF will be used by implementers of IPTV systems, services, products, and applications based on the OIPF IPTV Solution specification. They are an essential component of the open IPTV ecosystem that is being facilitated by the OIPF.

6. Security Considerations

There are no additional security considerations other than those normally associated with the use and resolution of URNs in general, which are described in [RFC1737], [RFC2141], and [RFC3406].

This document registers a namespace for URNs. OIPF may assign special meaning to certain characters of the Namespace Specific String (NSS) in its specifications. Any security considerations resulting from such an assignment is outside the scope of this document.

7. IANA Considerations

This document defines a URN NID registration of "oipf". IANA has included it in the "Uniform Resource Names (URN) Namespaces" registry with a value of 47.

8. Normative References

   [RFC1737] Sollins, K. and L. Masinter, "Functional Requirements for
             Uniform Resource Names", RFC 1737, December 1994.

[RFC2141] Moats, R., "URN Syntax", RFC 2141, May 1997.

   [RFC3406] Daigle, L., van Gulik, D., Iannella, R., and P. Faltstrom,
             "Uniform Resource Names (URN) Namespace Definition
             Mechanisms", BCP 66, RFC 3406, October 2002.

Authors' Addresses

   Paul Higgs
   Chair, OIPF IOT Working Group
   c/o Ericsson Inc.
   6 Concourse Parkway, Suite 3000
   Atlanta, GA  30328
   Phone: +1-650-580-1731

Paul Szucs
Board Member, OIPF
c/o Sony Europe
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   Phone: +49-711-5858-583