Method MIME.decode_words_tokenized_labled()

Method decode_words_tokenized_labled

array(array(string|int|array(array(string)))) decode_words_tokenized_labled(string phrase, int|void flags)


Tokenizes and labels a header value just like MIME.tokenize_labled(), but also converts encoded words using MIME.decode_word(). The result is an array where each element is an array of two or more elements, the first being the label. The rest of the array depends on the label:


One additional element, containing the character code for the special character as an int.


Two additional elements, the first being the word, and the second being the character set of this word (or 0 if it did not originate from an encoded word).


One additional element, containing the domain literal as a string.


One additional element, containing an array as returned by MIME.decode_words_text().

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