Method MIME.reconstruct_partial()

Method reconstruct_partial

int|object reconstruct_partial(array(object) collection)


This function will attempt to reassemble a fragmented message from its parts.

The array collection should contain MIME.Message objects forming a complete set of parts for a single fragmented message. The order of the messages in the array is not important, but every part must exist at least once.

Should the function succeed in reconstructing the original message, a new MIME.Message object will be returned.

If the function fails to reconstruct an original message, an integer indicating the reason for the failure will be returned:


Returned if empty collection is passed in, or one that contains messages which are not of type message/partial, or parts of different fragmented messages.


If more fragments are needed to reconstruct the entire message, the number of additional messages needed is returned.


If more fragments are needed, but the function can't determine exactly how many.


Note that the returned message may in turn be a part of another, larger, fragmented message.

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