New to Pike?

For those of you who have not yet had any experience with Pike, we would like to introduce some of the many reasons for using Pike and it's general characteristics. We will not dig deep into syntax, semantics or other details (visit the documentation section of this site for that), but skim the surface first. Seatbelts fastened? Read on!

What is Pike?

Pike is a general purpose programming language, which means that you can put it to use for almost any task. Its application domain spans anything from the world of the Net to the world of multimedia applications, or environments where your shell could use some spicy text processing or system administration tools. Your imagination sets the limit, but Pike will probably extend it far beyond what you previously considered within reach.

Who made Pike?

We will not bother you here with the entire history of Pike, but in a quick summary we should credit Fredrik Hübinette, who started writing Pike (at that time called µLPC). Roxen AB, who funded the Pike development during its first years, and continues to contribute to development.The Software and Systems division of the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA for short) at Linköping University, that provided funding for research and development. Opera Software, that continues to contribute to development. Lysator that houses some of the computers used for development and provides Internet bandwidth. The Pike development team that continues its development at present, as well as maintains this site.

Also, without the participation of the friendly community of Pike users and advocates all over the world, Pike would hardly be the same either; we are grateful for your commitment.

Who uses Pike?

Besides those already mentioned (Opera, Roxen, SaS, IDA, LiU), there are many other people scattered throughout the world who have put Pike to good use. Read some of their testimonials and find out more about how they value Pike.

...and for what?

Roxen Internet Software wrote the free web servers Spinner, Roxen Challenger and Roxen WebServer in Pike, as well as the highly appraised commercial content management system Roxen Platform / Roxen CMS. SaS uses Pike for their research, currently concentrated on the field of compositioning technology and language connectors.