This is the official Pike download page, from which you can download the latest stable version of Pike and fresh snapshots of the development version as well as older versions of Pike.

Pike is free software, and is released under the GNU General Public License , GPL, GNU Lesser General Public License, LGPL and Mozilla Public License, MPL. As such, you can modify, extend, use and distribute the source code in mostly any way you like.

Latest stable binary and source version (8.0.1738)

Binaries for the most recent release are made available as we manage to produce and quality control them. Usually made for at least Linux x86, Linux ppc and Solaris sparc. For more info, read the release notes.

Some vendors, such as Debian, Gentoo and Foresight, also provide their own packages of Pike. This is typically also available as an ebuild via the Gentoo portage overlay for Pike:
emerge eselect-repository
eselect repository add pike git git://
emerge pike

Bleeding-edge source package from development branch (master)

This always contains the latest development version of Pike 8.1 from git, automatically generated when something is committed. This means you get all the latest fixes - and probably also the latest bugs

Bleeding-edge source package from stable branch (8.0)

This always contains the latest beta version of Pike 8.0 from git, automatically generated when something is committed. This branch should be reasonably stable, and only receive fixes, but there is no warranty. 

Prereleases from the stable branch (8.0)

This contains tagged releases of Pike 8.0 generated by various CI/CD systems.

Historic versions

Old versions of Pike (0.1 onwards)

An archive of all past official releases, including binaries for more uncommon architechtures.

Historic versions of Pike ancestors

An archive with µLPC from the time 1994-1996.