the pike documentation

There are a few different manuals to chose from. Remember that these are all work in progress, so check back regulary. Also, don't hesitate to give us feedback so that we can keep these document as work in progress.

Beginner's tutorial

The Pike tutorial is a good starting point for everyone new to Pike, though some basic programming skill is recommended.

Module tree reference

The module reference manual contains the documentation of all the documented modules, classes, functions, constants and variables, ordered in a tree structure for fast access. If you like, you can download the reference tarball for convenient offline access.

Complete chapterized reference manual

The complete reference manual contains all available documentation of all parts of pike, in the form of a traditional chapter based manual. If you like, you can download the manual tarball for easy offline access.

Writing modules in C

While the Pike refdoc system does not yet cover the technicalities of how to extend Pike on the C level, we have some material from Marcus Agehall's documentation project, and Andreas Finnman's thesis work on the C and CMOD APIs.


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