Method GSSAPI.Context()->create()

Method create

GSSAPI.Context GSSAPI.Context(string interprocess_token, void|int required_services)


Creates a context by importing an inter-process token.

This wraps GSS_Import_sec_context according to RFC 2743 section 2.2.9.

Parameter interprocess_token

The inter-process token which has been created by export or some other GSS_Export_sec_context wrapper.

Parameter required_services

Bitfield of GSSAPI.*_FLAG flags specifying all services that must be provided in the context. If the context fail to provide any of them then it is closed and a GSSAPI.MissingServicesError is thrown.

GSSAPI.PROT_READY_FLAG is ignored in this parameter. The fact that a user calls a per-message function indicates that this service is required at that point, and a GSSAPI.MissingServicesError is thrown if it isn't.


It is not possible to retrieve delegated credentials from an imported context. That is a GSS-API limitation.