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 Changing the Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) Location Profiles
                            Registry Policy


This document changes the policy of the "Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) Location Profiles" IANA registry established by RFC 5222 from Standards Action to Specification Required. This allows standards development organizations (SDOs) other than the IETF to add new values.

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Table of Contents

   1.  Introduction
   2.  Document Scope
   3.  Security Considerations
   4.  IANA Considerations
   5.  References
     5.1.  Normative References
     5.2.  Informative References
   Author's Address

1. Introduction

The Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) Protocol [RFC5222] uses a location profile when conveying location (e.g., in a mapping request and a service boundary result). [RFC5222] established an IANA registry of location profiles [reg] with a registry policy of Standards Action. This requires a Standards Track RFC for any new registry values. The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) is a standards development organization (SDO) that makes significant use of LoST in its emergency call specifications (e.g., [NENA-i3]) and has identified a need for additional location profiles. This document changes the registry policy to Specification Required, allowing other SDOs such as NENA to add values.

2. Document Scope

This document changes the policy of the "Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) Location Profiles" IANA registry [reg] established by [RFC5222] from Standards Action to Specification Required (as defined in [RFC8126]). This allows SDOs other than the IETF to add new values.

3. Security Considerations

No new security considerations are identified by this change in registry policy.

4. IANA Considerations

IANA has changed the policy of the "Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) Location Profiles" registry (established by [RFC5222]) to Specification Required. IANA has also added this document as a reference for the registry. The Expert Reviewer is designated per [RFC8126]. The reviewer should verify that:

  • the proposed new value is specified by the IETF, NENA, or a similar SDO in which location profiles are in scope;
  • the proposed new value has a clear need (which includes there not being an existing profile that meets the need); and
  • the profile specification is unambiguous and interoperable.

5. References

5.1. Normative References

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5.2. Informative References

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Many thanks to Ted Hardie for his helpful review and suggestions and to Guy Caron for his suggestion to clarify that "clear need" includes there not being an existing profile.

Author's Address

Randall Gellens
Core Technology Consulting
United States of America