Method GSSAPI.InitContext()->create()

Method create

GSSAPI.InitContext GSSAPI.InitContext(void|Cred cred, void|Name|string target_name, void|string mech, void|int required_services, void|int desired_services, void|int(0..) desired_time)


Creates a context for initiator use. This function only accepts parameters to be used later during the init call. If there are semantic problems with them, such as if the credentials are stale or the mechanism isn't supported, then they will be signalled later by init.

Parameter cred

Credentials for the identity this context claims. The credentials for the default principal (if any) is used if zero or left out.

Parameter target_name

The name of the target.

This can be either a GSSAPI.Name object or a string. In the latter case, the string is converted to a GSS-API name according to a mechanism-specific default printable syntax, i.e. just like if it would be given as the sole argument to GSSAPI.Name.create.

Some mechanisms support unnamed targets (as allowed in GSS-API v2, update 1) and in such cases this may be zero or left out.

Parameter mech

The mechanism to use. It is given as an OID on dotted-decimal form. The GSS-API implementation chooses this using system settings if it's zero or left out, which is the recommended way.

Parameter required_services

Bitfield of GSSAPI.*_FLAG flags specifying all services that must be provided in the context. If the context fail to provide any of them then it is closed and a GSSAPI.MissingServicesError is thrown.

GSSAPI.PROT_READY_FLAG is ignored in this parameter. The fact that a user calls a per-message function indicates that this service is required at that point, and a GSSAPI.MissingServicesError is thrown if it isn't.

Parameter desired_services

Bitfield of GSSAPI.*_FLAG flags specifying the context services that are wanted but not required. I.e. errors won't be thrown if any of these aren't provided. The services specified in required_services are implicit, so they need not be repeated here.

GSSAPI.PROT_READY_FLAG is ignored in this parameter.

Parameter desired_time

The desired context validity time in seconds. Zero or left out means use the default.


Channel bindings (RFC 2743 section 1.1.6) are not yet implemented since that feature appear to not be in much active use, and its format is not completely specified (RFC 2744 section 3.11).